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Here you will find Our Graduation Packages that go a little above a basic dorm kit. DormCo created these college packages to save you money and include everything you need for dorm life. Make your dorm room shopping easy and get all your dorm essentials at once! From dorm laundry packs with laundry instructions to college bath packs and dorm survival kits, you'll find everything you need in one dorm package at your one stop shop for all dorm essentials! Go to college prepared and stress free with these Graduation Packages that make great High School Graduation Gift Ideas!
DormCo's Graduation Packages help cover everything you need for your dorm room. Now that is what you call convenient dorm shopping that encompasses all of your dorm supplies for college life. Buying our college packages saves you money; essentially you are buying your dorm necessities in bulk and saving a ton of money on your dorm stuff. Go to college with the peace of mind that you haven't forgotten anything with DormCo's exclusive College Packages!
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