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Bryk Band™ - Cooling Relief Headband
Bryk Band - Cooling Relief Headband


Bryk Band - Cooling Relief Headband
  • Headband with Freezer Gel Stick on Strip - (1) Gel Stick on Strip Included!
  • Perfect sweatband for cooling off on hot summer days, outdoor jobs, as asleep aid, for headache relief and cooling agent
  • Pop Bryk Band™ in the freezer before you wear it and the Cooling Gel will be the optimum Cooling temperature.
  • Helps you sweat less, feel more confident and be ready for the day!

Additional Stick on Strips available for purchase. Strips good for 1-2 uses.
    Retail Price $17.98
    Student Discount Price $4.49
    You Save: $13.49

    Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
    Product Code: BB-CRH


    Add Extra Freezer Gel Strips?

    You know the feeling: It’s summer, humidity is crazy, and your college classrooms don’t have air conditioning. Or maybe you want to go for a run or hike but the idea of profuse sweating just makes you want to stand under a cold shower. Perhaps you need a helping hand combating headaches or hot summer nights when you can’t sleep, or you just need a quick cool down. Our Bryk Band - Cooling Relief Headband can handle all these situations and allows you to relax and enjoy the day (or night) by helping to keep your sweating minimal and your body temperature low.

    Our Bryk Band
    headband has a freezer gel stick-on strip (first one is included!) so your headband not only keeps you from looking like a sweaty mess but lowers your temperature to combat your full-body sweating! Pop it in the freezer so when you have a major headache, are required to be outside for some reason in the heat of the day, or just for comfort, our active headband will be ready to keep you cool. And because sweating isn’t exactly hygienic (who wants to refreeze their old sweat and put it back on?) we recommend changing your gel stick patch after every use. Fortunately, the cooling gel packs are incredibly affordable so you can always have a clean and cold gel pack ready for you in your freezer. Be prepared for the summer heat, fight your headaches, or just keep your sweating in check with our Bryk Band headband with freeze gel stick-on strip!

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