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Showaflops - Men's Antimicrobial Shower Sandal - Black
Showaflops - Men's Antimicrobial Shower Sandal - Black Shower Shoes

Showaflops - Men's Antimicrobial Shower Sandal

Top Features include:
  • Doesn't just keep your feet off the floor it is Anti-Microbial too!
  • Ultra Comfort with Velcro Enclosure - Best of the Best when it comes to shower shoes
  • Unique drainage holes & Textured pebble surface help limit wet feet from sliding
  • Deep Diamond Grooves on Bottom to help prevent slipping on slick or wet surfaces
**Check out the video below to learn more about Showaflops!**
Retail Price $29.99
Student Discount Price $27.99
You Save: $2.00
Dorm Co. Tip: Never trust that the dorm shower floor is clean

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: SHBO-444M-BLACK


Guys, don't think you can head to college without shower shoes! In fact, shower sandals should be one of the first items on your college dorm checklist. There are going to be a lot of college students living on your dorm floor and going in and out of the dorm bathroom. You don't want to walk on that bathroom floor or shower without shower sandals. Shower sandals protect your feet and keep them off of that community bathroom floor.

Our Showaflops Men's Antimicrobial Shower Sandal in Black have unique drainage holes so that your shower shoes don't soak up the soap and water. They also have a textured pebble surface and deep diamond grooves to help limit you slipping and falling on a wet, soapy shower floor. The tops of the Showaflops also have a Velcro enclosure so you can easily snap it apart and close it up when you need to wash the tops of your feet. Our Showaflops are also good beyond the dorm bathroom- they are great for the pool and the beach!

You probably won't have your own bathroom in the dorms. Watch this video to see how Showaflops can be helpful!

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