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Brand Ambassador Student Program
(Parents welcome too!)

Looking for your first ever job? Or perhaps as a high school or college student you've had previous jobs, but you're seeking a job with flexibility that will provide real world business experience? The DormCo Brand Ambassador Position is here to help build your resume, earn you cash and give you an opportunity to succeed.

Our Brand Ambassador program requires
no experience and can become a great foundation for learning the value of marketing, hard work and achievement. Our program provides a real-life business mix of both high responsibility and high reward. As an Ambassador to our DormCo Brand you wear the brand 24/7 and as you set your own hours (be your own boss) you'll be responsible for letting your peers and other graduating high school seniors know about DormCo and our high quality, low priced College Dorm Supplies. The High Reward will come from the satisfaction of achieving Ambassador level promotions,
DormCo clicks, free gift rewards, bonuses and of course payouts earned for achieving sales through

Although cash in your pocket is the ultimate goal, it cannot be overlooked how invaluable being a DormCo Brand Ambassador will be to your resume. Future employers will highly favor applicants that have demonstrated success and a self driven initiative through our DormCo program. Succeeding without a boss needing to tell you what to do and how to do it is not only a rewarding feeling, but is also a stepping stone to a successful career.
As you complete our DormCo Ambassador Levels you’ll receive Certificates of Achievement that can be utilized to document your hard work with DormCo and portray to prospective employers your on the job success. DormCo looks forward to assisting in the launch of the early stages of your career development. Helping to foster the early feelings of success is a critical need for all young, enterprising students and it's the very purpose of our DormCo Brand Ambassador Program. We look forward to your application!

Ready to apply to become a Brand Ambassador for DormCo?
Email with your answers to the following questions:

1) Why do you want to become a DormCo Ambassador? Why will you best represent the DormCo brand?

2) List your three favorite products you found on the DormCo website.

3) Please describe an innovative way or the best way in which you'll be able to achieve sales and let others know about

Upon receipt of the above interview questions, DormCo will reply within 48 hours notifying you of your acceptance/denial for our Ambassador Program.
Note: If you have a resume then it can be included with your emailed application response, however we understand for many DormCo applicants this may be your first or second job and as such a resume is not required.



Can Parents or Educators of Students become a Brand Ambassador?
Absolutely! If you are a parent with a student going into college or already in college you'd be an excellent DormCo Brand Ambassador. Let fellow parents know about and earn cash, free DormCo gift cards and dorm supplies by achieving sales through your unique Brand Ambassador account. The same holds true for educators or others whom have an outlet to reach graduating high school seniors or the parents of these soon to be college students. We welcome your emailed application to with the answers to questions #1-3 listed above.

Can I "Earn Cash" without becoming a Brand Ambassador?
Yes. DormCo has a basic program called Student's Earn Cash. This program has no approval process.
To start simply sign-up and begin Marketing your url. Click HERE:
Note: This program earns you 5% of referred sales and there are no increased levels of compensation or certification.

How can I market
There are many great ways to market Below is a list of the Top 5.

1. Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc)

2. At your High School or the High School you graduated from. Challenge: Try Expanding to other local high schools.
Note: Inquire about our free promotional materials to get you started. (Eligible once you reach level 3 or gain prior approval)
3. Throughout your community. Think of areas in your hometown that students your age or in high school frequent.
4. Email marketing, online posts and other direct messaging ... Be Creative.
Informational Tables at College Fairs and High School events (Grad Night Goodie Bags, Post Prom, Etc.)

What is the compensation and how does it work?
You earn money by having your own personal DormCo url that when clicked, connects customers to through your unique url. This unique url is tracked through the use of cookies, recording clicks and sales. Recorded sales from your unique url earn you 5-10% commission (See the Compensation Levels below)
based on every purchase you refer.

Note: DormCo reserves the right at anytime to revoke any Brand Ambassador position for failure to properly represent the brand or partake in ethical marketing practices.

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