Convenient Dorm Storage Solutions to Increase Your Dorm Storage and Dorm Organization

College dorm rooms lack a good amount of the dorm room storage you need. Not only that, but colleges also lack designated areas to store some of the dorm essentials you can't be at college without. Your college dorm room won't have a designated pantry area and may not have a place to store your college textbooks and notebooks if your dorm desk doesn't have drawers. With what your college dorm room lacks, you may think that you won't be able to live comfortably. It is entirely possible to live comfortably in your college dorm room, you just have to get creative with your dorm storage solutions.

1 - Dorm Storage Cube Nightstand - Your college dorm room won't come with a dorm nightstand. You can add a dorm nightstand to your college dorm room, but you need to make sure it has multiple purposes. With our Storage Cube with Glass Door, you can have a bedside table to put your dorm alarm clock, cell phone, remote, and more on to keep those dorm necessities within arm's reach as you sleep at night. This dorm storage solution has more than a surface to keep those bedside accessories - with shelf space and a glass door, you can keep books, movies, and more organized while adding to your dorm room decor.

2 - Hanging Sweater Shelves - You're going to need more space for your clothes than what your college closet provides. You may or may not end up with a dorm dresser, but if you do, you can be pretty sure it won't be too large. It is a college dorm room, after all. With these Hanging Sweater Shelves in your college closet, you can maximize your dorm room storage and spread your clothes out a little more than you would be able to otherwise. With six shelves, you can have shelves to keep your jeans, T-Shirts, and more organized and wrinkle free. You can even bring some extra clothes to college with you with how much extra dorm room storage this dorm item adds.

3 - Underbed Storage - The space under your college dorm bed offers a lot of dorm room storage. You want to make sure you take advantage of this valuable under bed storage space as there will be a lot of dorm room storage available. When you move into your college dorm room, you want to make sure you clean out the area under your college dorm bed and add some under bed dorm storage solutions to your dorm essentials. Our Ultimate Underbed Drawer Trunk is a massive under bed storage solution that will allow you to store cooking items, food, seasonal clothes, extra sets of Twin XL Sheets, and more under your dorm bed. Plus, this dorm item is a massive drawer that is encased inside a slip cover so you can keep your dorm necessities clean and have easy access to the drawer.

4 - 5 Drawer Daily Organizer - You'll be taking a lot of college courses, which means keeping track of homework, notes, books, and more can be difficult. With our 5 drawer daily organizer in floor size or desktop size, you can keep your college supplies for your college classes better organized. Each drawer has a day of the week written on it to take the guesswork out of which drawer you have your notes in. With the days of the week written on this dorm necessities item, you can keep all of your Monday class materials in one bin and be able to easily grab everything right down to a calculator and pen on your way out the door.

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