Study Accessories for an Effective Study Area

Studying is a large part of college. Quite simply, you won't be able to go to college with the few study accessories you have left from high school. You'll find that what you do have leftover just won't cut it. Along with changing how you study, you'll also find that you need new study accessories to make your study sessions easier and more effective, like the dorm necessities below.

1 - Dorm Lighting - That overhead light in your college dorm room won't be enough. It may seem like it is at first when your dorm room is completely bare and you haven't moved your dorm necessities in yet, but once you unpack and start studying, you'll find that your dorm room is pretty dark. Having a dorm desk lamp will prevent you from squinting and your dorm roommate will appreciate it when he or she is trying to sleep. Plus, with our Dorm Organizer Lamp, you'll get two dorm supplies in one - you'll get your dorm lamp and you'll also have a space to keep your pens, pencils, and more so you save yourself some extra room on your dorm desk.

2 - Earbuds - You're going to find that Earbuds are a dorm essential you need with you at all times. Whether you're studying in your college dorm room and need to cut out the noise from your roommate's TV or you're studying in between classes in a commons area, you're going to need something to block out the noise around you so you can concentrate on what you need to do. These compact dorm essentials will allow you to do just that. Plus, with earbuds that also have a convenient carrying case, you don't have to worry about really needing your earbuds only to find that the cord got pinched in your college textbook.

3 - Dorm Calendar - You can't go to college without a dorm calendar and planner. Place this dorm necessities item at eye level so you can see what exactly you need to do and when it is due. Plus, dorm calendars like our Tropez Monthly Calendar Peel N Stick also have a side panel next to the calendar part that will allow you to take notes on what you have to do for your college courses. Worried about a dorm calendar detracting from your dorm room decor? This dorm essentials item doesn't! It has a cute flower pattern that will brighten up those dorm room walls and maybe even make you feel a little better about all the homework that is written on it.

4 - Privacy Room Divider - This is a valuable dorm essentials item you'll be grateful for. You may want to study when your dorm roommate is watching TV. Not only will you need earbuds to block the sound out, but you'll also need something to block your view of the TV. If you can see the TV out of the corner of your eye, it may be too tempting to look over at it. This dorm necessities item creates a private study environment for you so you can study more effectively and minimize as many distractions as you can. Plus, this Privacy Room Divider can fold up compact to be easily stored when not in use.

5 - Dorm Desk Bookshelf - Your college dorm desk may not have upper shelving, which is a real problem. Where will you store all of your college textbooks? You can't stack your college textbooks in a pile on top of your college dorm desk. You need as much space as you can get for studying and working on homework because your college dorm desk isn't going to be very large in the first place. This dorm essentials item allows you to keep all of your study accessories organized, whether it's books, calculators, or extra notebooks. Plus, with having all these college supplies organized on top of your dorm desk, you'll also have everything you need for studying within arm's reach.
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