Study Essentials You Can't Go To College Without

It can be easy to forget about the study accessories you need for your college courses. After all, you've just done a lot of studying in high school, graduated, and are now going to college. You're going to be living on your own in a college dorm room, which is incredibly exciting and you're going to be taking college courses. While making your college dorm checklist, you are going to be pretty focused on your dorm bedding and making your college dorm room look great. However, don't forget about the study accessories you need to be successful in college.

1 - College Student ID Holder - This may not seem at first like it will make you successful in your college courses, but it will. If you forget your college student ID or Dorm Keys in your college dorm room (it is, after all, easy to forget them when you haven't ever had to think of them before!), you're going to spend an entire class worrying about how you're going to get back in your college dorm room, much less into the entire Residence Hall Building! Worrying about this will make you concentrate less or not at all in your college courses, which then makes doing the accompanying homework pretty hard. Invest in this cheap dorm supplies item and you'll be so glad you did. It will keep your college student ID and dorm key in one place, and with a fun design, you can make sure it will grab your eye on your way out the dorm room door. For extra assurance you leave with your dorm keys and college student ID, place a hook by your dorm room door to hang this dorm essentials on so you can grab it as you walk out of your dorm room door.

2 - Dorm Calendar - Don't think you can get away with remembering your assignments for your college classes or get away with writing them in the notebook for that particular class. You won't remember, and when you go to work on your homework later, you'll be searching through pages and pages of notes and become frustrated. There are a lot of things you have to remember in college when it comes to your assignments. Cut down on some of your stress with a dorm calendar. You'll want a large planner for your college courses so you can write detailed assignment information, but you'll also want this dorm necessities item. With four panels, you can place paper note reminders or homework assignments to the corkboard, make general notes on the message board panel, plan out your week in detail, and have a larger snapshot of what your month looks like. Keep this college supplies item by your dorm desk for most efficient studying and homework sessions.

3 - Sticky Page Markers and Note Pads - These are dorm essentials - you don't want to go to college without plenty of these. You'll find that you go through an entire pack in a month with how frequently you need to use them. This dorm essentials pack has some of everything you need. There are larger sticky note pads, page markers, and even arrow page markers so you can draw your attention to a particular sentence later. These college supplies will allow you to color code your notes or college textbook so you know what you need for homework, and what you need to study for a midterm. You'll need highlighters in college also, but highlighters can tend to make you over highlight. With page markers, you can be more selective with what you bring to your attention and you don't have to read through a sea of yellow highlighted text. Plus, you can write on these dorm essentials instead of in the margins of your college textbook.

4 - College Backpack - You probably thought that with graduating from high school, you were done with a backpack. You saw TV Shows and movies where the college students simply carry one thin notebook with them to class. Unfortunately, the reality won't be like that. In reality, you'll be going to three or more classes back to back with no locker to go to in between and no time to go to your dorm room. That means you'll need to carry all those college textbooks, notebooks, calculator, pens, highlighters, sticky note markers, and more with you. And those are just the bare dorm necessities that you'll need for each class. You won't want to carry all those college supplies in your arms on your way to class. You'll end up dropping items, possibly damaging them along the way. Invest in a large, durable dorm backpack to carry all those college supplies with you. Plus, with pockets, you'll be able to keep your pens and sticky notes separated from your notebook to avoid searching in the pages for a pen later.
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