Add Extra Dorm Room Storage With DormCo's New Dorm Trunks!

College dorm rooms don't provide much dorm room storage space, which means you'll need extra dorm storage solutions to make the most of your college dorm room. However, your dorm room storage solutions shouldn't just do one thing, which is add extra dorm storage. Since your college dorm room is small, your dorm necessities should be multi-purpose, and that includes your dorm storage solutions. Just because these dorm supplies are functional, that doesn't mean they can't add to your dorm room decor. DormCo has created a new line of exclusive VIN Dorm Trunks that add style to your dorm room decor and plenty of dorm room storage.

The VIN Dorm Trunk Rouge Destination is the first in the VIN Dorm Trunk Series. These dorm trunks combine durability, quality, and style all in one dorm essentials item that is available at an affordable cost. These top of the line Rouge Destination Dorm trunks are available in black, gray, and white, all neutral colors that will go with any style of dorm room decor that you have planned. These storage trunks with wheels have a sleek, modern appearance that will look great while sitting against a dorm wall or at the foot of a dorm bed. The wheels along the bottom of the dorm trunk are inset, which takes up less dorm floor space and also doesn't detract from your dorm room decor. Just like you don't want the wheels detracting from your dorm room decor, you also don't want bulky handles detracting from your dorm room decor. The padded handles of this storage trunk with wheels are also inset along the sides of the dorm trunk, allowing you to place this dorm trunk closer to your wall and add the streamlined appearance to your dorm decor.

The weight of your dorm trunk may be a concern. With other dorm trunks, once you load them up, you may feel like you brought everything but your kitchen sink with you to college and feel like you're hauling a tank. Not so with our VIN Dorm Trunks. These college supplies are lightweight by design - they weigh less than 20 pounds! While these dorm items are lightweight, that doesn't mean they are any less durable. Transporting your college supplies in this dorm necessities item will be a breeze between the wheels, handles, and lightweight design. Plus, with inset locking clasps, you can also add peace of mind by adding padlocks to keep your dorm essentials right where they belong - in your dorm room.

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