Creative Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

Moving into a college dorm room is both exciting and stressful. You're excited to do some dorm room decorating, but the stressful part is where do you begin?! There are so many things to already add to your college dorm checklist, after all! However, you can decorate your college dorm room with dorm essentials that serve more than one purpose.

1 - Dorm Totes - Dorm Totes are great dorm room decorating options because they will also add plenty of dorm room storage to your college dorm room and keep you organized. Available in so many different sizes, materials, colors, and styles, you won't have a hard time finding some dorm totes that will go well with your dorm room decor. A cosmetic bottle or perfume bottle may not look too great when just sitting on a dorm dresser. By keeping those dorm items in a dorm tote, you're adding to your dorm room decor instead of detracting from it and you're also preventing those bottles from rolling off your dorm dresser and onto your dorm floor and breaking.

2 - Dorm Bookshelves - These aren't the large bookshelves you may have at home. You're in a college dorm room after all, and don't have the dorm room storage space for a large dorm bookcase. These dorm essentials are compact and use more vertical space than they do dorm floor space. With cute dorm storage cubes stacked and alternating between closed and open cubes, you can add some of those dorm totes to the cubes to keep things like extra Twin XL Sheets hidden, or you can stack college supplies like books and notebooks. You can even add some dorm room decorations to these dorm storage cubes like a framed photo or cute bookends so you can artistically display your dorm necessities.

3 - Dorm Trunk - A dorm trunk is a great dorm room storage option that will add a lot to your dorm room decor. Just like dorm totes, these college supplies come in a variety of styles and colors, allowing you to choose the best match for your dorm room decor. Don't underestimate how much dorm storage a college dorm trunk can add to your college dorm room. You can easily keep your seasonal clothes in a dorm trunk or even your extra college blankets and cooking supplies. This dorm necessities item will look great sitting at the foot of a dorm bed or along a dorm room wall! Bonus - you can even place some of your college supplies in a storage trunk to help you move in and out of college!

4 - Dorm Rug - Your college dorm room won't have carpeting. If it does have carpeting, it isn't going to be of the cushioned, plush, and super comfortable variety. Adding a college dorm rug to your dorm essentials will keep your dorm floor warm so you don't get cold feet in the morning and it will also add to your dorm room decorations. There are plenty of fabric styles and colors to choose from and you can even choose designs to make your college dorm room decor stand out even more. A dorm rug has a way of pulling your college dorm essentials together for a unique, unified look.

5 - Dorm Bedding - Your college dorm bed is the largest dorm item in your college dorm room. That means it automatically becomes the centerpiece of your dorm room decor. You want to make sure your Twin XL College Comforter has a color or design that you love, but your dorm bedding is more than just your Twin XL Comforter for College. Don't forget about dorm pillows! Of course you know you need a basic college pillow, but don't forget about decorative dorm pillows. You can place a few on your bed on each side of your basic college pillow, but you can also spread them around your dorm room and add one to your dorm desk chair and to each end of your college dorm sofa.

6 - College Wall Decor - As you're adding dorm essentials to your college dorm checklist, don't forget about some dorm wall art! Centering dorm wall art pieces over a large dorm item in your college dorm room creates a clean, put together dorm room decor look. You don't have to add dorm wall art of your favorite musicians and movies if you don't want to. You can also add scenic views of cities, nature, and more for a cool and unique look that will make your college dorm room feel relaxing. Plus, your college dorm room may not have much of a view, so adding dorm room decorations that have a scenic view may be just what you need in your dorm room decor!
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