How To Make Your Dorm Desk A Comfortable Place To Work

You know what you need to make your dorm bed a super comfortable place to sleep, but what about your dorm desk? Your dorm desk is just as important as the rest of your dorm items and it needs some dorm essentials to make it more comfortable as well. The area in your dorm room that you're going to be spending a lot of time at other than your dorm bed is your dorm desk. That means you're going to be at your dorm desk quite a lot and you need to make it more comfortable so you can relax and study effectively.

1 - Dorm Chair Cushion - This is an important dorm necessities item to add to your college dorm checklist. Your college dorm chair the college provides is going to be a wooden and uncomfortable. You're going to want to make it more comfortable with some cushioning because you're going to be spending a lot of time at your dorm desk. By simply adding a cushion like our Dorm Chair Cushion - Comfort Memory Foam, you'll be able to sit at your dorm desk for longer than you normally would without it. Plus as the name says it's made of Memory Foam so you're going to have some soft, cushioned support that turns that dorm chair into a tolerable place to sit and study.

2 - Dorm Desk Mat - You're adding cushioning to your college provided dorm chair to make it a softer place to sit - why not add some cushioning to your dorm desk surface to make it a more comfortable place to write? A dorm desk mat is quite a valuable dorm essentials item that you will be so glad to have in your college supplies. A dorm desk mat provides a super soft and cushioned surface that will help prevent your hand and arm from getting sore and tired from writing a lot. Trust us - you're going to be writing a lot in college both in your college classes and in your dorm room. Plus in tons of cute designs, these dorm essentials will also add to your dorm room decor!

3 - Dorm Desk Shelves - Your dorm desk may not have upper shelving. Your dorm desk may just have the table surface, and where will you put your college textbooks and other dorm necessities when you have only a table surface? A Dorm Desk Bookshelf is a dorm item that will make your college life easier. This dorm essentials item sits on top of your dorm desk and provides you with tons of dorm room storage for your college textbooks you wouldn't otherwise have. You don't want to store those college textbooks on your dorm desk without some shelving - you need the space to work and study. With this dorm item, your college dorm desk will be more organized and you'll be able to study easier and more effectively because you'll actually have room to!

4 - Dorm Lamp - You're going to want a small dorm desk lamp for your college dorm room. You may have only the overhead dorm lamp in your college dorm room, and those dorm lamps may not provide the level of lighting you need. Plus when your roommate is sleeping and you plan on studying, you can't really leave the overhead dorm lamp on. With a cheap dorm supplies item like a dorm desk lamp, you'll be able to study and be on your own schedule. You don't want to be trying to study and have a dark shadow over your college textbooks (and that's with the overhead dorm lamp on!) you'll hurt your eyes and won't be able to study. Adding a simple dorm lamp will make studying more comfortable for you.

5 - Document Holders - This may sound funny - how can a dorm room storage item like this add to your comfort, after all! When you're done studying a unit in your college class, you want to keep the notes from that unit. However, you may not want to keep them in your college class binder because first, it will get heavy and second, you want to stay organized. With these simple dorm organizers, you can place your previous notes in the bins and color-coordinate the bins with each class. That way, when you're studying or writing an essay and you need to reference something from your previous notes, they will be easily accessible. A stack of loose papers will detract from your dorm room decor and make you a little stressed - keep those papers organized in a cheap dorm supplies item like our dorm document holders!

6 - Calendar - Last but not least, you need a calendar near your dorm desk. Don't even try to remember all of your assignments or write them in your college class notes. You'll end up forgetting assignments or you won't be able to find them in your notes. Keep a calendar near your dorm desk so you can easily see what you need to work on and when it is due. A dorm calendar like our Peel N Stick Calendars will provide you plenty of room and organization for your college classes. With multiple styles of panels, you'll be able to have a cork board, dry erase board, and daily and monthly calendar panels so you can know precisely what you need to do for homework.
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