Make Your Dorm Room Pop With DormCo's New Selection of Dorm Room Decor Items!

Dorm Room Decor is important to your college dorm room. Your dorm room is going to feel more comfortable and more like home, which means less homesickness. Plus you'll just want to make your college dorm room a cool, comfortable hangout place for your and your friends. DormCo presents some of our new dorm room decorating ideas to make your dorm room one of the best dorm rooms on campus!

1 - Curtains - Our selection of decorative dorm curtains have two purposes. They can be used as a dorm curtain over your dorm room window, or they can be used as a dorm room divider. Whichever way you choose to use it (or even if you get multiple college curtains for both your window and for a dorm room divider!) you're going to get extra privacy. Your roommate may be studying when you want to sleep and her small dorm lamp could keep you awake. Simply slide your dorm curtain where you need it to block the light! Plus our selection of dorm curtains have fun designer styled patterns that you can mix and match with the rest of your dorm room decorations!

2 - Removable Wallpaper for Dorms - Your dorm room walls are going to start out pretty bland and they won't feel like home. You don't have to plaster your dorm walls with college posters to cover up the dull color that they will start out as! Simply add dorm room wallpaper to your college dorm room for your dorm room to feel much more cozy. With our removable wallpaper for dorms, your dorm room decor will be fully completed. Imagine how much cozier your dorm room will feel with cute designs covering all of your dorm walls!

3 - Dorm Throw Pillows - You don't have to be limited to your basic college pillow, body pillows, and dorm bedrests. Decorative dorm throw pillows are a dorm essentials item that not many college students think of when dorm room shopping for dorm necessities. However, if you think of your parents house, they probably have throw pillows on each end of the couch for a complete look and ultimate comfort. That is the same concept with these decorative dorm throw pillows. You can recreate the same look and feeling by placing a few on your dorm bedding or on your dorm furniture!

4 - Desk Mats - This is one of those college supplies that will give you comfort and style. This dorm desk mat will be a cushioned surface for you to write on so your hand and arm don't become as tired. Made of soft neoprene, these dorm essentials will feel much better under your hand and arm than writing on just the surface of your dorm desk will feel. Plus these dorm necessities come in plenty of designer styled patterns for you to choose from! With these dorm items you can turn your dorm desk into a dorm room decoration!
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