Have You Signed Up Yet For DormCo’s Weekly Deals Email?

When you see “sign up” and “email” in the same sentence, we know what you’re thinking. You already get swaths of emails every day. So why do you need more emails that you’re not going to open and that’ll only clog up that bloated inbox? DormCo’s staff of college supplies experts just happen to receive a lot of emails every day as well. We know that jam-packed inboxes are a headache and, frankly, a stressor.

Our once-a-week deals email is true to its word: it’ll hit your inbox only once a week. So there’s no need to fear an onslaught of emails from DormCo; that would be an annoyance, and somehow annoying you just doesn’t seem like great business practice.

After popping open our deals email, you’ll see four featured products that are on sale for that week and that week only. The chosen four will change every week, so you’ll have to act fast! We could spend all day telling you about just how great the featured deals are, but we’ll keep it short: our prices at DormCo are already low, and these deals take another whole shark-bite sized chunk out of the price!

In addition to the four featured products, we’ll share with you a product favored by one of our interns; our college-student interns get to use our great dorm supplies in the field, a.k.a college life, so they know what’s great. We’ll also share a product that’s hot right now so you won’t miss out on any cool dorm items. Finally, we’ll share a useful dorm product and a valuable tip related to that item. We strive to offer plenty of handy dorm items and practical dorm products that’ll make dorm life more fun, easier, and all around more enjoyable.

There’s only good stuff contained within this once-a-week email, so you won’t regret signing up. After all, perhaps you’ve bought some dorm stuff from us before, but you’ll probably find yourself needing more college supplies your second year of school and beyond. Where can you sign up? Right below!

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