Using Storage Organizers and Space Savers to Make the Most of Your Dorm Room

We all know how small dorm rooms are. When you mention heading off to college, one of the first things people will always mention is how small your dorm room will be. For many people, a dorm room, especially since you often have to share it with one or two people, is often much smaller than the bedroom you're used to at home. Never fear, though. With proper dorm organization your dorm room can hold much more than you may have originally thought.
1) Underbed Storage

Having underbed storage is an absolute necessity. Whether your bed is lofted or not, you will want to utilize the space under your dorm bed in order to maximize your storage possibilities. An Underbed Storage Bag like this one is great for holding snacks, utensils, plates, bowls, and whatever else you may choose for your dorm-eating purposes. When you want to make some Ramen Noodles, just whip (or should we say roll) out the underbed cart and you're all set! When you're done, roll it back under your bed and no one will see your food stash out in the open.

2) Collapsible Bins

In college you are always gaining and losing things here and there. You may have out-of-season clothing that you need to store in your room, and then mom and dad come and visit and bring it back home for you. You might have a ton of textbooks one semester, and then just light books the next. You could start out the semester with a ton of chips, cookies, and other dorm snacks, but soon have all your dorm snacks succumb to late-night studying indulgence. That's why our Collapsible Bins are so great — you can just fold them away and save a ton of space when you don't need them.

3) Stacking Cube Set

Perfect for under your bed, in your closet, or any other nook in your dorm room that you can manage to use for some dorm storage organization, our College Cube is a total space saver. You can use it to organize anything from books to sweaters, and will provide an extra shelving option for you since most dorms come with little to no shelf space.

4) Storage Cubes With Wheels

When college shopping, remember, if it's a dorm item that has wheels, it can be only more useful! With that in mind, check out our Easy-Storage College Cubes. They come in an array of cool colors and have the option of adding attached wheels. Supplies for dorms that are mobile are surprisingly useful while living in a dorm. Just wheel around your dorm storage item and let it be useful throughout your living space.

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