5 Things You Don’t Want To End Up At School Without

In the previous article, we talked about dorm stuff that was fun to have. Now, let's take about the dorm supplies that you don't want to leave home without! When you are headed to college, it’s easy to start your essential college supplies checklist. Dorm bedding, towels, and college decor all come to mind. And then there comes the items that we don’t necessarily need, but we definitely want, such as televisions, DVD players, and gaming systems. Those are easy to think of too. Then there are the items that fall through the cracks and are easily forgotten when buying things for your dorm. Prevent a major “UH OH” moment when you arrive at school by picking up these 5 items ahead of time.

1. Bed Topper - A good night’s sleep is of the utmost importance to a busy college student. Adding a soft Twin XL comforter and soft dorm bedding sheets to your extra long Twin mattress is a good start, but don't stop there! If you are using a pre-owned mattress (you know other college students have slept on it) then you're probably going to want a little something extra to keep you from touching your dorm mattress. Not only will a Twin XL mattress topper add this extra layer to your dorm bed, it will also upgrade the comfort and support of your college bedding essentials! Choose from a standard egg crate dorm mattress topper or get fancy with a high quality college featherbed or XL Twin memory foam topper. Looking for just a little extra comfort and a little bit more protection? Our Mattress Pads are perfect for promoting a more cleaner sleep space in your dorm room while adding to the comfort of your college dorm bedding.

2. Dorm Room Divider - You could really like your college roommate, or you two could butt heads every now and then. No matter what, you'll want to have a college room divider with you. Why a dorm divider? Because college dorm rooms are small, and you can only live so close to someone else for so long before you need some space. Trust us, that doesn't make you a bad person, your roommate will appreciate it as well! Better yet, DormCo has a variety of room dividers that are designed specifically for dorm rooms. We know you won't have a lot of space, so our Don't Look At Me and Cardboard Dividers are designed to add privacy to your dorm room without taking up a lot of space. When you don't need a little extra privacy to study or sleep, these college room dividers are made to be easily stored away like they were never there! Privacy in a small dorm room is a must, and it's easy to get it with these useful dorm dividers!

3. Bed Skirt - What could you possibly need a bed skirt for? Aren't they just a piece of dorm decor that you don't really need? Sure, a dorm sized bed skirt or college bed skirt panel will add to the style of your college decor, but they actually do more than that when you add them to your essential Twin XL bedding. Just think of all the prime dorm storage space you'll have under your extra long Twin bed when it is raised or lofted. Of course, there are underbed college organizers and dorm bins where you can organize your dorm stuff under your bed, but if you have a bunch of that shoved under there, it can start to look messy and overcrowded. But there is a simple solution...just cover it all up with a college bed skirt! Not only will your machine washable bed skirt add to the style of your dorm room decor, it will also keep your college supplies hidden, making your entire college dorm room look clean and organized and creating a peaceful place to unwind.

4. Shower Flip Flops - We hate to talk about something gross, but this is definitely important! Your college should be relatively clean, but the communal campus showers aren't going to be cleaned after each use, so you better come prepared! If the thought of your bare feet touching the dorm shower floor freaks you out, don't worry, we have your back! If you haven't thought about bring some college shower sandals with you to your dorm room, now is the time. With all the unseen bacteria looking on the campus shower floors, you definitely want to create a barrier between you and whatever is living on that floor. Designed to get wet in a dorm shower, these dorm shower shoes will help keep your feet clean while you clean the rest of yourself. Our college shower shoes are available in a variety of colors and styles, or you can also go with faded black with our Narsty® dorm shower sandals.

5. A Safe - No matter where you are, it's always a good idea to add a little extra security when it comes to your belongings. And since you, your college roommate, and all of your friends will be coming and going from your dorm room, it helps to have a safe on hand for your important dorm items that you don't want walking out the door. DormCo has useful college safes that are designed to keep small items like money, jewelry, and passports and larger items like textbooks and laptops secure in your dorm room. A lot of dorm theft comes about just because the opportunity is there. Eliminate the opportunity and keep your dorm stuff safe with one of these essential dorm products!

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