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Vyra Stitch Dorm Rug
Decorate Your Dorm - Vyra Stitch Dorm Rug - Adds Decor For College


Vyra Stitch Dorm Rug

Top Features include:
  • Quality polyacrylic construction
  • Modern yet classic geometric design elements
  • Completes and rounds out your dorm decor!
  • Adds to college decor throughout college career!
Other retailers $159.84
Our Price: $129.59
You Save: $30.25

Dorm Co. Tip: Dorm decorating should start from the floor up

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Classic geometric designs oftentimes make for the best rugs for college; they're neither too out there in their image and nor are they bland by any means. So if you're hoping to add some refined college decor to your dorm room, include this Vyra Stitch Dorm Rug as part of your supplies for your dorm. This great-looking college rug has a classic pattern and unique colors, allowing for a rug for college that's tasteful yet has character and individuality to it. So if you want to give your college dorm a boost as for its decor, you'll need an area rug as part of your dorm stuff.

Any rug also adds an element of comfort to a dorm room. Your dorm floor, whether it's carpeted or not, won't be a very soft surface. But by placing an area rug between your feet and the hard floor, you'll add a layer of material that beats that hard, cold floor any day! Premium rugs are truly multi-function dorm products given their ability to help your college dorm look its best and their ability to add some comfort to your living space. For that reason, we don't consider rugs for college students as mere dorm accessories, but rather think they're necessities for college.

Size guide:
3'6" x 5'6 - This rug size is great for keeping a college rug right next to your bed or even right by your door. It's best placed off-center in the room and is great for positioning next to other dorm furniture and items.

5' x 7'6" - This size is large enough to be placed in the center of your dorm room or next to another college furniture item. It too can be placed off-center to emphasize the look of a certain area of your dorm room.

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