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Veracruz Eco-Friendly Woven College Rug - Lemon and Apple Green
Veracruz Eco-Friendly Woven College Rug - Lemon & Apple Green


Veracruz Eco-Friendly Woven College Rug - Lemon & Apple Green

Top Features include:
  • Woven from straws. Made of premium recycled plastic
  • Plastic construction and surface doesn't trap in dirt like fabric rugs
  • Lightweight, Strong Rug, Perfect for high-traffic dorm life - Comes in easy-to-transport Jute bag.
  • Great college decor that is water resistant - spills won't harm this rug!
  • Reversible and Trendy Dorm Decor that is Washable (Hose off or Shake out)

**Check out our video below to see how this rug made from recycled plastic won't absorb stains and will stay looking great compared to fabric rugs.**

List Price : $69.99
Our Price: $53.59
You Save: $16.40

Dorm Co. Tip: Eco-Friendly Decor = Feel Good Decor

Availability: Usually Ships in 1-2 Business Days
Product Code: FAHA-7



Making your dorm room look the best it can will involve bringing some variety to your dorm room supplies. After all, if you keep your dorm decor all the same, everything will still match, but your dorm room might look more like a well-decorated hotel room than your dorm room. So, do yourself a favor and add some dorm decorations that can bring color and variety. If you're looking for a dorm room rug, try this Veracruz Eco-Friendly Woven College Rug - Lemon & Apple Green. It intricately blends micro stripes of yellow, blue, brown and other colors to provide one eye-catching medley. No matter the theme, or lack thereof, that you're aiming for with your college decorations, this rug for dorms will make a striking addition.

Unlike some other college rugs, this dorm rug comes with some nice perks. First off, it's made from recycled materials, so it's always nice to do your part helping the environment. The recycled material also means this rug is stronger and more durable than some other area rugs. If you're the type who likes to throw dance parties in her dorm room, fear not that this rug will end up in tatters! It won't. It's durable enough to be kept outside, which also means it's water resistant. This makes cleaning it much easier, and you won't have to worry if you spill something on it. With simple cleaning, keep this rug looking its best and it'll continually bring a bold look to your dorm decor.

Spill something on this rug? Don't sweat it! Watch this video to see how easily it stays clean.

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