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Stick UM! - Wall Sticky Holder (Cell Phone, Photos, Etc)
Fun Dorm Stuff - Stick UM! - Wall Sticky Holder - Useful Dorm Item


Stick UM! - Wall Sticky Holder (As seen in Real Simple Magazine)

Top Features include:
  • Seriously can hold your cell phone!! (Great also for photos, make-up, dvds, etc)
  • Keep your stuff off the ground with this powerful sticky wall holder
  • Removable / Reusable / 100% will not damage dorm walls or doors!!
  • Great for dorms where hanging a shelf is illegal or for any home or office to keep items up!

**Ranked one of 2012's Most Innovative Products - Check out our Video Below and watch the Stick UM! in action**

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Other retailers $9.99
Discount Price $6.99
You Save: $3.00
Dorm Co. Tip: Finding creative dorm items makes college life fun
Dimensions: 3.5"W x 6"L

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: H1-2-1-UM



If college dorm room walls could talk, they'd probably say they wish they could do more for you. With our Stick UM! dorm Wall Sticky Holder, your college dorm room walls can do more for you. A lot more. Using innovative adhesive technology, our dorm Sticky holder can keep anything from your cell phone to photos up on your dorm room wall. If this sounds too good to be true, that's because it is. Both removable and reusable, our dorm Stick UM! is 100% guaranteed not to damage dorm room walls. Use our dorm Stick UM! to make a photo collage, hold video games in place, or even keep your makeup brushes right where you need them in your dorm room.

It can be hard to find a place to put your cell phone that is close enough to your dorm bed. But with our dorm Stick UM! you can keep your cell phone on the wall right next to your bed. College dorm rooms are small, so if you can take advantage of all the space in your room, why not do it? Taking advantage of all the space in your college dorm room means using everything from basic dorm room organizers to unique dorm room organizers. If using dorm organizers under your dorm bed makes your room look less cluttered, then just imagine how much more space and convenience you can add to your dorm room with our Stick UM! holder. In college dorm rooms you can't hang shelves, but you can use our Stick UM! dorm holder to keep all of your dorm must have supplies right where you need them.

Be ready to solve any sticky dorm room situation with our must have Stick UM! dorm holder.

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