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Serendipity Curl College Rug
Serendipity Curl College Rug


Serendipity Curl College Rug

Top Features include:
  • Polyester shag yarn allows for luster and soft feel!
  • Simple yet effective design elements and colors
  • Completes and rounds out your dorm decor!
  • Adds to college decor throughout college career!
Other retailers $169.99
Our Price: $150.05
You Save: $19.94

Dorm Co. Tip: Dorm decorating should start from the floor up

Availability: Usually Ships in 2 to 3 Days
Product Code: DORMCO-VN1DAY




When you come back to your college dorm room after a long day, the first thing you'll likely notice when you walk in is your college rug. So choose wisely! But in all seriousness, rugs for dorms have an ability like no other college supply in that they can make that dorm room feel more like home. While they're really quite simple supplies for dorms, their effect on your overall college decor and the vibe it emits is profound! Once you lay down a good area rug, you'll see what we mean. So when selecting your rug for college, choose a premium rug like our Serendipity Curl College Rug.

The deep color and quality fabric of this rug for college students helps to ensure that it's one college item that you can use throughout college life and even beyond. While the rug might be next to your dorm bed for now, it could be used in a hallway in your college apartment later on. The ability of quality rugs for college to be used for many years really makes them a worthy investment on any shopping list for dorms!

Size guide:
3'6" x 5'6 - This rug size is great for keeping a college rug right next to your bed or even right by your door. It's best placed off-center in the room and is great for positioning next to other dorm furniture and items.

5' x 7'6" - This size is large enough to be placed in the center of your dorm room or next to another college furniture item. It too can be placed off-center to emphasize the look of a certain area of your dorm room.

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