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Ripple Current College Rug
Ripple Current College Rug


Ripple Current College Rug

Top Features include:
  • Luxuriously plush olefin fiber
  • Plush texture and simple yet effective designs
  • Made in the USA!
  • Adds to college decor throughout college career!
Other retailers $254.09
Our Price: $174.49
You Save: $79.60

Dorm Co. Tip: Dorm decorating should start from the floor up

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The cool design of this college rug provides it with an almost shimmering-like effect reflected on water's surface. No, it isn't meant to be a painting portrayed on a college rug, but it's always cool when your rug for college can have an artistic edge to it. So don't just add to your dorm decor; make sure your dorm decorations like your college rug have character and uniqueness to them. With this Ripple Current College Rug you'll get all those qualities, furthering our reasoning that dorm room rugs are essentials for college!

When you're shopping for college and looking for a premium dorm rug, this Ripple Current rug also has the advantage in that it's made from a great material. The olefin fiber from which it is made is a soft fabric that's made to last. While you might be selecting a dorm room rug for your first dorm now, consider how the area rug you choose can be with you throughout your college career if you wish. Make sure you have a cool college rug now, because it will be great for your next dorm and college apartment after that!

Size guide:
3'11" x 5'5" - This rug size is great for keeping a college rug right next to your bed or even right by your door. It's best placed off-center in the room and is great for positioning next to other dorm furniture and items.

5'3" x 7'6" - This size is large enough to be placed in the center of your dorm room or next to another college furniture item. It too can be placed off-center to emphasize the look of a certain area of your dorm room.

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