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Here you will find DormCo's selection of Plastic Drawer Organizers. Available in a variety of options, you can choose what works best for you, whether it is 3, 4, or 5 Drawers, or even a large dresser sized dorm organizer. These dorm essentials will allow you to keep your clothing items better organized, especially if they are seasonal items that you don't use often. Not only can you add extra dorm room storage for clothes, cooking supplies, and more, but you can also add to your dorm room decor while you're at it.
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3 Drawer Dorm Organizer (White or Black Frame)
Other retailers $39.99
Discount Price $32.59
Your college dorm room won't provide all of the dorm room storage space that you need to keep your dorm essentials organized. When you're adding dorm storage solutions to your college dorm room, the key is to use vertical space rather than take up floor space, and these dorm essentials will help you do just that to keep your dorm essentials organized and your dorm room looking great.

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