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Palace Rug For Dorms
Complex Design Dorm Decor - Palace Rug For Dorms

Palace Rug For Dorms

Top Features include:
  • Colorful display on machine-printed polyester fabric
  • College rugs make dorm feel more like home
  • Quality fabric with heavy-loop pile for added durability
  • Adds to college decor throughout college career!
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Our Price: $146.98
You Save: $49.59

Dorm Co. Tip: Rugs add style and comfort to your dorm

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Product Code: DORMCO-NORSN-VIS02



This ornate area rug has an almost tile-like look to it, further making it an intriguing and even complex rug for college. The best rugs for college students should look somewhat complex, as that's not necessarily a bad thing by any means when considering your dorm decorations. With all of its designs within designs, this cool rug can be transfixing to stare at! It'll give a big boost to your dorm decor and will also help to provide a nice blue-toned backdrop for your college decor.

We call this college rug the Palace Rug For Dorms because there's something elegant and even royal-feeling in its design. One of the best features of this area rug is not only how it looks, but the fact that it's a dorm supply of high enough quality to last throughout your college career and even beyond. When selecting your dorm stuff, its longevity should be considered. While cheap rugs can also last for years, the quality pile on this premium rug should look great even after years of being stepped on!

Size guide:
4' x 6' - An adaptable-sized rug that can be placed in the center of your dorm room or off to the side in another area of your dorm

5' x 7' - A rug this size makes for a great centerpiece for your dorm; it can be the focal point of your dorm decorations

8' x 10' - A larger rug like this can take up a good part of your dorm floor. It may go underneath certain dorm furniture items in some areas due to its size.

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