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Your dorm desk should have as much high impact dorm room decorations as the rest of your college dorm room. You don't want to focus on the rest of your dorm room decor and kind of ignore your dorm desk. Your dorm desk needs to look as great as the rest of your dorm room and it needs to be as organized. You'll be spending a lot of time sitting at your college dorm desk, after all. Here you will find our Navy Colorful Desktop Supplies to give your dorm desk the boost of dorm decor and organization it needs.
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Single Letter Tray - Navy Accessory Tray - Medium - Navy Dorm Organization Dorm Essentials Pen Cup - Navy Accessory Tray - Small - Navy College Supplies Dorm Room Decor
Pen Cup - Navy
Our Price: 5.99
Soft This & That Tray - Navy College Supplies Dorm Organization Soft Grip Grass - Navy College Supplies Dorm Room Decor Slim Tray - Large - Navy Accessory Tray - Large - Navy
Soft Grip Grass - Navy
Our Price: 11.99
Fin File Organizer - Navy File Box - Navy Magazine File - Navy Dorm Essentials Dorm Room Decorations 3 PC Paperboard Nesting Desk Set - Navy and Mint Dorm Organization Dorm Room Decor
File Box - Navy
Our Price: 19.99
Magazine File - Navy
Our Price: 14.99
Stapler - Navy Tape Dispenser - Navy Ballpoint Pens - Set of 12 - Navy (Blue Ink) Starter Dorm Desk Bundle - Navy College Supplies Dorm Necessities
Stapler - Navy
Our Price: 13.99
Tape Dispenser - Navy
Our Price: 11.99
Starter Dorm Desk Bundle - Navy
Other retailers $49.99
Our Price: 42.99
You don't want your college dorm desk to become a mess in the first week of college. You need your dorm desk to stay organized so that it not only adds to your dorm room decor, but it makes studying easier and more efficient so you don't have to search for study supplies that you need. Keep your dorm desk looking as snazzy as the rest of your college dorm room with dorm supplies that add to your dorm decor while keeping you organized with our Navy Colorful Desktop Supplies.

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