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Just because they're dorm essentials, that doesn't mean they can't be fun! You want your college dorm desk to look as great as the rest of your college dorm room, and that involves two things. You want those desk dorm essentials to add to your dorm room decor, and you also want to keep this area organized for efficient studying. Here you will find our Mint Colorful Desktop Supplies to keep your pens, sticky notes and more organized while adding to your dorm room decor.
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Single Letter Tray - Mint Accessory Tray - Medium - Mint Dorm Essentials Dorm Supplies Dorm Room Decor Accessory Tray - Small - Mint College Supplies Dorm Organizers Dorm Organization Soft This & That Tray - Mint Dorm Organizers Dorm Room Storage Dorm Room Decor
Single Letter Tray - Mint
Discount Price $13.99
Accessory Tray - Small - Mint
Discount Price $5.99
Soft This & That Tray - Mint
Discount Price $9.99
Soft Grip Grass - Mint Dorm Storage Solutions College Supplies Slim Tray - Large - Mint Accessory Tray - Large - Mint Dorm Essentials Dorm Room Decor Fin File Organizer - Mint
Soft Grip Grass - Mint
Discount Price $11.99
Slim Tray - Large - Mint
Discount Price $11.99
Accessory Tray - Large - Mint
Discount Price $17.99
Fin File Organizer - Mint
Discount Price $15.99
File Box - Mint Dorm Essentials Dorm Necessities College Supplies Magazine File - Mint Dorm Essentials College Supplies Must Have Dorm Items 3 PC Paperboard Nesting Desk Set - Navy and Mint Dorm Organization Dorm Room Decor Stapler - Mint
File Box - Mint
Discount Price $19.99
Magazine File - Mint
Discount Price $14.99
Stapler - Mint
Discount Price $13.99
Tape Dispenser - Mint Ballpoint Pens - Set of 12 - Mint
Tape Dispenser - Mint
Discount Price $11.99
You'll be spending a lot of time at your college dorm desk studying and working on essays. That means you need to keep the area organized so you don't have to hunt for a pen, sticky note, or highlighter. Here you'll find the dorm essentials you need to make your area organized while also making it look great so you can have dorm room decorations in every area of your college dorm room.

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