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Melody Eco-Friendly Woven College Rug - Scarlet Red and Moss Green
Melody Eco-Friendly Woven College Rug - Scarlet Red & Moss Green


Melody Eco-Friendly Woven College Rug - Scarlet Red & Moss Green

Top Features include:
  • Woven from straws. Made of premium recycled plastic
  • Plastic construction and surface doesn't trap in dirt like fabric rugs
  • Lightweight, Strong Rug, Perfect for high-traffic dorm life - Comes in easy-to-transport Jute bag.
  • Great college decor that is water resistant - spills won't harm this rug!
  • Reversible and Trendy Dorm Decor that is Washable (Hose off or Shake out)

**Check out our video below to see how this rug made from recycled plastic won't absorb stains and will stay looking great compared to fabric rugs.**

List Price : $49.99
Our Price: $39.09
You Save: $10.90

Dorm Co. Tip: Eco-Friendly Decor = Feel Good Decor

Availability: Usually Ships in 1-2 Business Days
Product Code: FAHA-23



You've probably guessed by now that dorm room lack space. You'll be storing stuff under your bed and using all sorts of wall and over-the-door hangers to help you save space with your myriad dorm supplies. Dorm rooms also seriously lack color. More than likely, those dorm walls and ceiling will be white, off-white, or some sort of beige color. Since you can't paint those dorm walls, you'll have to make up for it with dorm decor items. Dorm walls can be covered by cheap posters and other college wall decor, but when it comes to that floor, you'll need a great dorm room rug like this Melody Eco-Friendly Woven College Rug - Scarlet Red & Moss Green.

This rug for college has a lovely blend of red and green that's worlds better to look at than a plain dorm room floor. Rugs for college can also get quite heavy, yet this rug is nice and light-weight; it even comes with its own easy-to-carry jute bag! Just because it's light-weight doesn't mean this rug isn't strong. The durable, recycled materials from which this rug is made are good and tough. This cheap rug was even made to be used outside, so that's a testament to how tough it is.

Spill something on this rug? Don't sweat it! Watch this video to see how easily it stays clean.

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