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Lapour Eco-Friendly Woven College Rug - Cream and Beige
Lapour Eco-Friendly Woven College Rug - Cream & Beige - Cover Plain Floors


Lapour Eco-Friendly Woven College Rug - Cream & Beige

Top Features include:
  • Woven from straws. Made of premium recycled plastic
  • Plastic construction and surface doesn't trap in dirt like fabric rugs
  • Lightweight, Strong Rug, Perfect for high-traffic dorm life - Comes in easy-to-transport Jute bag.
  • Great college decor that is water resistant - spills won't harm this rug!
  • Reversible and Trendy Dorm Decor that is Washable (Hose off or Shake out)

**Check out our video below to see how this rug made from recycled plastic won't absorb stains and will stay looking great compared to fabric rugs.**

List Price : $49.99
Our Price: $39.09
You Save: $10.90

Dorm Co. Tip: Eco-Friendly Decor = Feel Good Decor

Availability: Usually Ships in 1-2 Business Days
Product Code: FAHA-17



If you want your dorm room to look the best that it can, it'll take attention to detail. While you've probably already picked out a cool-looking comforter for college and have some cheap posters ready for your walls, neglecting a college rug would be overlooking a key decorative aspect. That dorm floor might already have some sort of carpet or tile covering it, but trust us, it won't be anything that can be described as cool or homey feeling. A rug like this Lapour Eco-Friendly Woven College Rug - Cream & Beige will be what's needed to cover up that boring dorm floor while enhancing your overall dorm decor. Rugs for college dorms really aren't dorm accessories; if you've got your eye on details, they're just what's needed.

This made-from-recycled-materials rug is also nice and durable. You can even put this rug outside! This means that it'll have no trouble surviving being stepped on by all those friends visiting your dorm, and it's water resistant and easily washable. Don't you wish all your dorm decorations were this hardy? When's the last time you tried to rinse off a college poster? Hopefully never. Keep your college decor in mind while keeping in mind the worth and longevity of your dorm supplies. This dorm rug won't disappoint.

Spill something on this rug? Don't sweat it! Watch this video to see how easily it stays clean.

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