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Gallaway College Rug
Best Supplies For College - Gallaway College Rug - Decorate Your Dorm Room

Gallaway College Rug

Top Features include:
  • 100% wool
  • College rugs make dorm feel more like home
  • Hand-loomed in India
  • Adds to college decor throughout college career!
Other retailers $165.09
Our Price: $139.38
You Save: $25.71

Dorm Co. Tip: Rugs add style and comfort to your dorm

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Product Code: DORMCO-MT-20-MOMI



The unique combination of squares and rectangles on this Gallaway College Rug give it a look that will make for a nice centerpiece for your dorm room. While rugs for college dorms can be placed in any area of your room, really, keeping them in the center provides a nice focal point for your dorm room decor. The best rugs for college can truly stand on their own as key dorm room decorations, or they can help to tie all your other dorm stuff together. No matter how they're used, rugs for college dorms can't be overlooked on any college shopping list.

As this dorm rug is a wool rug, you'll know you'll receive a quality and warm material for your area rug. The best rugs for college students should also be college supplies that will add comfort to your dorm. While you might not think of area rugs as being dorm supplies that add comfort, you'll be surprised at what a difference they make, even with cheap rugs. If you keep this wool rug right next to your twin XL bed, you'll give your feet a nice and warm wake-up each morning!

Size guide:
3'3" x 5'3" - This rug size is great for keeping a college rug right next to your bed or even right by your door. It's best placed off-center in the room and is great for positioning next to other dorm furniture and items.

5' x 8' - This size is large enough to be placed in the center of your dorm room or next to another college furniture item. It too can be placed off-center to emphasize the look of a certain area of your dorm room.

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