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The best dorm essentials are compact and multi-purpose. That saves you money, but most importantly it also saves you a lot of dorm room storage space! Take a look around at DormCo's FL-J Suitcase Trunk. In a variety of bright colors to add to your dorm room decor, this is a multi-purpose college trunk that also doubles as a suitcase! This FL-J Suitcase Trunk has the best of both worlds - the style and durability of a trunk for college while being approved by the TSA as checked-in luggage. If you're looking for a suitcase for travel and a dorm trunk for college, combine both of those needs into one with our FL-J Suitcase Trunks!
Here at DormCo, we know dorm security is a concern. You want your dorm essentials to be safe while you're at class or on a night out. Not only is our FL-J Suitcase Trunk TSA approved, durable, and stylish, it also has some other really cool features we know you will love. It has a triple locking mechanism with two side key locks and a center combination lock and it also has durable wheels, extendable pull handle, and interior pockets. You can't go wrong with this storage trunk for college!
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