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Eco-Shelf - Dorm Room Desk Bookshelf
Eco-Shelf  - Dorm Room Desk Bookshelf - Very Lightweight


Eco-Shelf - Dorm Room Desk Bookshelf

Top Features include:
  • Ideal College Desk Bookshelf to hold everything!
  • Easy Assembly - Sturdy - Economical - Lightweight for easy transport
  • Eco-Friendly - Made from Recycled. Material. Super lightweight material, not solid wood.
  • Made specifically to fit on top of college dorm-sized desks!
** Only returned units left in stock. All units still in new, unused, salable condition.

**Check out our video below to see this cool shelf be assembled and used for all of Jeffrey's shelving needs! **

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Retail Price $49.99
Student Discount Price $39.99
You Save: $10.00
Dorm Co. Tip: Most dorms don't come with a desk bookshelf, you'll need one!
Dimensions: 29" H x 37.25"W x 9.5" D

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: B2-2-4-ECOSHELF

Dorm rooms tend to make you fend for yourself. You'll have a dorm desk with a few drawers, but then some lack shelves up top! Looks like your school expects you to cram everything in those drawers or underneath your dorm bed. Instead, add a little convenience to that dorm room by adding a missing piece of dorm furniture: a bookshelf for college. This Eco-Shelf - Dorm Room Desk Bookshelf is just what's needed to provide a place for your textbooks, folders, other school supplies, and all matter of college items. By placing it right over your desk, it'll fill in a crucial gap in your dorm items. There's also that handy space underneath to fit a desk lamp for college.

This super light-weight bookshelf for college is made from recycled paper materials. It's certainly not heavy, but is still a durable piece of college furniture. When you're shopping for college, why not shop as green as you can? You'll do your job helping out the earth while providing an essential college supply for your dorm. Since the recycled paper material isn't solid wood, carrying this shelf is a breeze. Wooden shelves tend to be clunky and cumbersome, but not this dorm shelf! When you're done living in dorms, this bookshelf is great for any desks. Desks with bookshelves up top tend to be extra large, heavy, and expensive. So let it sit atop your regular desk and provide the extra storage space that you'll need throughout college and beyond.
Jeffrey shows how easy it is to assemble this bookshelf and how it adds much-needed storage sapce.

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