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Dorm Snoozies - Neon Bright Aqua
Dorm Snoozies - Neon Bright Aqua

Dorm Snoozies - Neon Bright Aqua

Top Features include:
  • Neither slippers nor socks, they're comfy foot coverings!
  • Brushed fleece exterior and soft Sherpa fleece inside
  • Non-skid sole, machine washable
  • Keep feet off that cold, hard, and often dirty dorm room floor!

**Check out our video below for a rap song all about the crazy comfort of these Snoozies!**

Retail Price $17.95
Student Discount Price $12.99
You Save: $4.96
Dorm Co. Tip: Never trust that the dorm floors are clean

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: SNOO-F12-NBS-908C


One of the easiest ways to ensure that you enjoy college and dorm life is to make sure your dorm room is a comfortable place. That new dorm room is quite small, but it should still have a great home-like, comforting feeling to it. To do so, you'll need the right supplies for college. Since you probably didn't walk around in shoes while indoors back home, don't do so now! Dorm floors can already be quite dirty, even if your school did some vacuuming before you moved in. To keep those feet warm and cozy, include these Dorm Snoozies - Neon Bright Aqua as part of your college stuff. Their fleece material gives them an added comfort boost, and they're sure to be college supplies that you'll look forward to putting on every day when you're back to your dorm.

These Snoozies are neither slippers but are certainly not mere socks either. They're in between. But what's certain is that they're soft and comfy and will help you to stay warm in your dorm. Dorm floors are hard and cold, especially during winter months, which is again why you should include some comfier dorm products like Snoozies on your shopping list for college. Comfort simply can't be taken for granted in a dorm room, so be sure you have the dorm necessities required to stay warm and cozy!
Snoozies are that soft and comfy that they're worthy of their own rap!

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