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Cubed Wool Dorm Rug
Geometric Design Dorm Carpets - Cubed Wool Dorm Rug


Cubed Wool Rug

Top Features include:
  • Handmade 100-percent wool material
  • College rugs make dorm feel more like home
  • Simple design with a boost of color and comfort
  • Adds to college decor throughout college career!
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Our Price: $146.98
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Dorm Co. Tip: Rugs add style and comfort to your dorm

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Product Code: DORMCO-NORSN-WP31




Wool rugs instantly bring two things to mind: warmth and comfort! And that's exactly what they provide. That will be true with this Cubed Wool Rug. Its wool pile will be a treat for your feet. When you come back to your dorm room after a day spent walking all around campus, your feet might just be a bit tired, even if you're not old! For that, this wool rug is perfect. And with its cubed design, it'll add some decor to your college room, as well. The rich colors on these area rugs provide a great backdrop for your college decor and for making your dorm stuff look better on the whole.

Great rugs really make a difference for the overall feel of your dorm room. With the soft feel of wool rugs, you'll have a nice feel for those feet in addition to creating a centerpiece for your dorm decor. With wool rugs, you get the best of comfort and color, making them downright perfect dorm rugs. Don't worry if you get attached to your college rug, as it's one dorm room supply you can use for years.

Size guide:
3'6" x 5'6" - This rug size is great for keeping a college rug right next to your bed or even right by your door. It's best placed off-center in the room and is great for positioning next to other dorm furniture and items. It can be placed in the center, too, if needed.

5' x 8' - A rug this size makes for a great centerpiece for your dorm; it can be the focal point of your dorm decorations

8' x 10'6" -
A larger rug like this can take up the majority of your dorm floor. It may go underneath certain dorm furniture items in some areas due to its size.

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