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College supplies for ironing are a necessary part of any dorm room shopping list. Dorm ironing boards are required for ironing in college. Keep your clothes looking their best with DormCo's variety of ironing dorm accessories! From ironing blankets and dorm ironing boards to wrinkle removing spray and of course irons, you will find all the ironing accessories you need for college! Don't go to class or a job interview with wrinkles in your clothes - keep your clothes looking the best they can with our ironing dorm essentials!
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Ironing Blanket Dorm ironing essential Magic Wrinkle Remover College Anti-Wrinkle Spray Hanging Dorm Board - College Mini Ironing Board Space Saving Dorm Laundry Item
Ironing Blanket
Other retailers $9.46
Our Price: $7.55
Magic Wrinkle Remover
Other retailers $8.99
Our Price: $4.89
Dorm Board
List Price : $20.98
Our Price: $12.99
Touch Up Ironing Board
Other retailers $14.99
Our Price: $12.99
Space-Saving Product - Laundry Set - Ironing Cork Board Combo - Cool Combined Item Silicone Iron Rest Pad for Dorm Rooms Essential Dorm Item - Standard Tabletop Ironing Board - Keep Clothes Wrinkle-Free Iron Organizer - Ironing accessory for College Dorms
Laundry Set - Ironing Cork Board Combo
Other retailers $17.99
Our Price: $14.74
Silicone Iron Rest Pad
Other retailers $9.99
Our Price: $7.92
Standard Tabletop Ironing Board
Other retailers $19.99
Our Price: $13.68
Iron Organizer
Other retailers $9.99
Our Price: $8.79
Space Saving Dorm Laundry Item - Sleeve Ironing Board Dorm Essential for Dorm Laundry- Clean Shot - Bleach Tablets
Sleeve Ironing Board
Other retailers $14.99
Our Price: $13.89
Clean Shot - Bleach Tablets
Other retailers $7.99
Our Price: $5.99
Don't go to college without the dorm essentials you need for ironing! Wrinkles in your clothes aren't something you can just ignore. It may be overwhelming to think of ironing your clothes and all the dorm essentials you will need for ironing, but DormCo knows what you need to start college out right and we provide you with all the dorm necessities you need for keeping your clothes looking their best. We not only provide you with exactly what you need, but we do it at cheap dorm supply prices!
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