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AfreSHeet - A Fitted Sheet With 7- Peel-Away Top Layers
Twin XL Fitted Sheet Twin Fitted Sheet A Fresh Sheet - 7-Layer Peel Fresh Fitted Sheet


AfreSHeet - A Fitted Sheet With 7- Peel-Away Top Layers

Top Features include:
  • Fitted sheet with 7 soft, comfy peelable and disposable layers
  • Instead of washing, peel back a new layer for a fresh fitted sheet
  • Soft polyester blend and waterproof layers ensure no messes touch the next layer
  • Sheets get dirty quickly - save water and start fresh!
  • Sized for Twin / Twin XL beds.
  • As Seen on ABC's Shark Tank

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Discount Price $29.99
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Dorm Co. Tip: Your dorm bed plays many roles, so keep your sofa/dinner table/counter top clean!

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Product Code: TXL-FRESH

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Considering how many roles your twin XL bed for college has to play, it won't take long for it to get dirty. Even when your bed serves as only a bed, let's be honest, did you forget to shower before passing out after intramural soccer practice? Those bed sheets won't clean themselves! Then again, during dorm life, who has time to clean their college bedding every week? No one! In fact, doing laundry might be about as frequent as national holidays for you. And when you're done washing your clothes, washing your twin XL sheets becomes even more of a task. Instead, start fresh each time with AfreSHeet - A Fitted Sheet With 7- Peel-Away Top Layers.

This cool dorm bedding supply features seven layers of twin XL fitted, disposable, recyclable sheets. The sheet layers are made from a waterproof polyester. So no matter what happened, whether you dropped a pizza face down on your bare bed or you spilled a whole milkshake on top of your sheets, that fitted sheet can be peeled back to reveal a new, clean layer. College dorm rooms don't have a reputation for being the cleanest of locations, so make sure your college bedding can start fresh at any time. A dirty, soiled layer can be peeled back at the corners to reveal a fresh, new layer underneath! It's as simple as that. It'll also help you to reduce doing laundry in college, which will save water, money, and time.

So ... Just peel off the ew! And sleep on the New! (TM)

BETA Version VS. Upgraded Version
Top main improvements in the Upgraded Version vs. the BETA version:
  1. The new fitted sheet is substantially more durable. It is made from the same materials as many mattress protectors, Ensuring that the AfreSHeet will fit tight around the mattress, while also creating a waterproof barrier.
  2. The New peel away top layers are substantially softer and more comfortable. We eliminated the papery feel of the BETA, while keeping the peel-away technology.

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