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  17 PCS Personal College Blender
17 PCS Personal College Blender - Make Healthy Dorm Snacks

17 PCS Personal College Blender

Top Features include:
  • Great for making protein shakes, milkshakes and smoothies in your dorm!
  • Easy to use 1-touch pulse switch - 16 oz Blender cup and 8 oz grinder cup
  • Also contains: Four 16oz cups with spill proof lids and foam grips
  • Stainless Steel Blade & Powerful Motor Base
Bonus: Can chop nuts, grate cheese and grind coffee too!
Other retailers $49.99
Our Price: $36.96
You Save: $13.03
Dorm Co. Tip: Avoid Freshmen 15 by making protein shakes

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: C2-1-3-EPB1800

No college freshman wants to gain the Freshman Fifteen, but when you have to eat the same college cafeteria food everyday, it can be hard to avoid. With our 17 PCS Personal College Blender in your college cooking supplies you will be able to add some much needed variety to your college diet. The easy to use 1-touch pulse switch of our College Blender uses a stainless steel blade and powerful motor base that will quickly and easily blend your milk or protein shake. Drink your smoothies or shakes out of one of the four 160z cups with spill proof lids and foam grips that are included in our College Blender Set. Our 18 oz blender can also be used to chop nuts, grate cheese, and grind coffee beans.

With a dorm room supply this versatile in your college survival kit, you'll never have to walk all the way from your dorm room to the dining hall for a fresh smoothie or shake. The 8oz grinder cup can be used to add nuts, fruit, or anything else you'd like smoothly added to your protein shake. With our dorm essential College Blender set you can shake off the Freshmen Fifteen while also shaking up your college diet. No matter what you make with our blender you'll be happy to have fresh drinks at your fingertips all in the comfort of your college dorm room.

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